Descriptive Essay Examples: Writing Tips with Examples

A descriptive essay helps the reader to have a clear picture of the situation, the person’s character, the essence of each step described in the paper. Have no idea how to get started? Most students start looking for step-by-step writing guides to create a high-quality descriptive essay. The best solution is to see once than to hear a thousand times. So, you’re recommended to check one of the best descriptive essay examples.

Descriptive essay examples for college students

Check one of the positively-evaluated descriptive essay examples paying attention to how it’s divided into structural parts.

  • Introduction. It’s the most important part of the work because whether the reader continues reading or not depends on how interesting your beginning is. One of the common ways to attract attention is to ask a question and build direct contact with the reader.

              “Have you ever thought why people all over the world drink alcohol? Alcohol is a chemical compound having a certain effect on the human body, on which its popularity and notoriety depend. Most people associate it with feasts, fun, and relaxation. Some drink alcohol in order to relax after stress or hard physical work. For young people, alcohol is an attribute of growing up. People drink alcohol because it affects their psychological state. In small quantities, it causes a feeling of lightness and relaxation.”

  • Main Body. It should contain 3-4 paragraphs where you provide the reader with all important facts, ideas, and information that supports your standpoint. Have a look at the main body sample below:

              “What a person was worried about ceases to put pressure on him, and the problems seem less serious. Shy and constrained gain confidence and can freely communicate and express their thoughts and feelings. Intoxication gives a person a respite when he gets tired of struggling with difficult life circumstances. At first glance, it seems that this effect is quite positive. 

              Relaxing again and again, with alcohol, a person gets used to it on a physical level. But, in addition, the frequent use of alcohol begins to affect the human nervous system – it becomes distracted, irritable, unable to think, loses control over the body and emotions. Moreover, in the body, alcohol affects the stomach, liver, kidneys, as a result of which serious diseases can develop. How destructive the effect of alcohol on health is can be proved by the fact that women who drink during pregnancy have children with congenital diseases.

             The worst thing is when a person begins to drink constantly and becomes an alcoholic. Now he can’t live without alcohol, it becomes the main thing in his life. Such a person cannot communicate, work, take care of loved ones. He/she forgets what he liked, what he aspired to. Instead, he/she becomes angry and indifferent to everyone, can beat family members, make scandals, steal things and money from home to buy another bottle. Life next to such a person is simply unbearable. 

               When a person gets drunk, he can be very aggressive, plus he loses touch with reality. As they say, a drunken sea knee-deep. He is not aware of what he is doing, nor what will be the consequences and responsibilities. When intoxicated, most of the crimes are committed.”

  • Conclusion. The final paragraph is written to conclude the thoughts on the topic so that the reader has no questions regarding the author’s position.

             “ Of course, most people do not become alcoholics, sometimes drinking on holidays, but everyone is sure he can stop drinking anytime. Many people do not drink alcohol at all. Personally, I don’t like the fact that alcohol has become a symbol of relaxation and adulthood, and people drink it not because of taste or even effect, but in order to seem cooler, and subsequently have problems with physical and psychological health.”

Have this example in front of you when writing academic papers and you’re guaranteed to improve your essay writing skills and speed up writing process.

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