Gun Control Essay: Writing Tips + Great Topic Examples

Gun control is one of the most controversial topics discussed all over the world.  There are many who are sure that everyone should have the right to hold a weapon for self-protection while there are those who are against this. When writing a gun control essay, you’ll need not only to choose your position but provide both for and against arguments. Want to create a high-quality essay about gun control but don’t know where to get started? Check the effective tips below.

Must-know things for writing an A-grade gun control essay

There are simple tips to guide you through the process of essay writing: 

  • Pick the topic carefully: choose the one that will appeal to your target audience and be interesting to you at the same time. It should be the topic you’ll be able to express your opinion clearly.
  • Look through laws to have a clear understanding of the situation with gun control in different countries. You can compare the laws regarding gun control in your country and others.
  • Find for and against arguments. Support each opinion with some statistics and examples.
  • Check whether you know the meaning of all specific law terms before using them in your paper.
  • Use only credible sources of information. Include the sources for the reader to know where you’ve got the figures and facts from.
  • Format essay according to the rules. Pay special attention to the citations used in the essay.

What to write about: 5 Debatable gun control essay questions

  1. According to a Harvard School of Health study, 42% of the world’s private-owned weapons are in the United States. What is the reason?
  2. There are nearly 30 gunshot kills per million people in the United States. Is this the reason to forbid holding a weapon?
  3. Do you agree that in those states where the laws on weapons are more stringent, fewer crimes occur with its use?
  4. Is there a relationship between the number of guns people hold and the number of suicides?
  5. Do you agree with the supporters of gun control saying: “The verification mechanisms at the time of gun purchases are imperfect and need to be reviewed”?

Gun control essay sample

Check an essay example:

  • Introduction: 

             “According to the research of the University of Texas, only 15 constitutions of the countries of the world have ever contained a provision on the right of citizens to bear arms. For the most part, these were the countries of Latin America, and today, there are only three left – Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States. Only in the American constitution, there are no direct restrictions on this right.

  • Main Body: 

The arguments of the proponents of arms freedom are briefly reduced to the right of citizens to self-defense arising from the Second Amendment. Actually, it was adopted to provide citizens with an opportunity to resist the government if it was going to establish a more familiar tyranny instead of a young democracy. 

True, after 200 years, the possibility of an armed uprising in the United States is seriously considered only in the apocalyptic production of Hollywood. But no one took away the right to protect themselves and their homes from citizens. In the event of a meeting with a robber or a rapist, the chances of disarming him with a kind word are small, say supporters of the right to bear arms. 

Statistics show: in the first nine months of this year, as a part of self-defense, Americans fired (and hit) more than a thousand and a half times – and these are only cases that have been verified by police reports and media reports. Proponents of arms freedom strongly reject: “The best defense against a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun!”

  • Conclusion:  

Advocates of more detailed regulation of the arms market point out: in some states of America it is no more difficult to gain access to the gun than to purchase a bicycle. Almost anyone who wants to use a gun for unseemly purposes can easily not only get it, but also learn how to use it, and it’s completely legal. I think one should consider the law once again to provide certain restrictions to purchase weapon.” 

Follow the tips above and create an interesting essay supported by impressive facts.

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